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addnoise Adds gaussian noise to the input buffer.
add Adds multiple floating point buffers. Auto fan-in auto fan-out
and Function performs logical "and" of all its input samples
ang This star finds the inverse tangent of x/y
arprocess This star generates a selectable number of samples from an AR process represented as an IIR filter driven by Gaussian noise
atod This star simulates a uniform analog to digital converter.
autoxcorr If one input then compute autocorrelation. If two inputs then compute crosscorrelation.
avrow Average rows of a matrix
bdata This function generates a random sequence of bits, which can be used to exercise a data transmission system.
bitmanip Review code.
bitvec This star converts a bit stream to variable length vectors.
blindadapt Blind adaptive equalization
bpf Star implements a band pass IIR digital filter.
cable This star simulates an Ethernet transceiver cable by introducing a fixed delay
casfil Star implements cascade form IIR digital filter.
clip This star eats values that are outside a range that is specified by the first parameter
clkdly Function delays its input samples by any number of samples
cmplxfft This star produces the fft of the input signal. The points are output as complex numbers.
cmux This star ACTIVELY selects one input data channel to send to its output.
cmxfftfile This star reads a file and computes its FFT during the initialization phase. (This produces H(k)). During execution, the star performs a complex multiplication of the FFT of the file with the input complex data blocks (The input fft, X(k)). It then outputs the complex result.
cmxfft This star produces the fft of the input signal. The points are output cmxfft as complex numbers.

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